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The world desperately needs media democracy. No more millionaires controlling the press, no more bosses controlling what’s covered and what’s not, no more selling out to advertisers, and no more of the elitist bias this messed-up system usually generates.

In the struggle for a better media, though, we go a step further than most. Because we believe there must be full worker control of our press if we really want to democratise the way we get our information. That’s why our worker-members all have equal control over our co-operative. We truly do stand and fall together.

We believe wholeheartedly in what we’re doing – for the world, our readers, and our worker-members. But we’re currently all volunteers, so we can only do a limited amount.

We need your support!

If you can chip in, you’ll help to ensure an equal, living wage for all our worker-members. You’ll also help to: amplify the voices of marginalised, exploited and oppressed people; fund the kind of justice-focused digging and analysis that establishment media outlets refuse to do; and keep our website free from the annoying corporate adverts that appear elsewhere.

If you share our values and vision, please support us and join the media revolution!