TimeToRise #6

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The Defence & Security Equipment International (DSEI) arms fair in London attracted significant resistance this year. And this is again the focus of our weekly newsletter.

Resisting the business of death and destruction

Those opposing DSEI made it especially clear that the arming of Israel’s apartheid system is abhorrent.

Protesters of Palestinian, Yemeni, Bahraini, and Nigerian origin all stood against the death and destruction that the arms trade has facilitated in their countries (and elsewhere).

As the arms fair rolled on, the UK, US and Australia announced a provocative new military deal. This included “plans to set up an Australian nuclear powered submarine fleet”, according to Stop the War. The campaign group also stressed that this partnership would “heighten tensions with China and increase the possibility of hostilities breaking out in the region”.

Boycotting apartheid…

On 18 September, there was a global day calling for people to #BoycottPuma over the company’s support for Israeli apartheid.

Other actions on our radar

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