What you need to know about Resist G7’s international rebellion today

Protesters at the international day of resistance against G7 display national flags of liberation including Palestine

On 12 June 2021, the second day of the G7 summit is taking place in Cornwall where leaders from the world’s richest countries will be meeting. Among those protesting against this meeting today is Resist G7, a coalition of grassroot groups taking a stance “Against capitalism. Against colonialism. Against fascism. Against racism. Against sexism. Against state violence and oppression.”

After a successful #FridaysforFuture march on 11 June 2021 in Falmouth, the group has planned for an International Day of Action against the G7. This is taking place in Hayle from 12.30 pm onwards. In a press statement, the group said:

The G7 represents the interests of the world’s richest countries. It doesn’t represent the interests of the majority of the world. Resist G7 is taking to the streets in solidarity with the struggles of people across the globe. It has never been so important to remember that there is no such thing as a single issue struggle. Our struggles are linked and it is vital we stand in solidarity with each other.

The main focus of the demonstration is on the mass displacement and genocide of the Tigray community in the Tigray region of Ethiopia. Members of the community have gathered in the hundreds to raise awareness about the issue. More than two million people have been displaced from their lands. 

Resist G7 also stands in solidarity with the struggles of Colombian protesters “as they watch their fellow people killed by a violent and authoritarian police force” and recognises the UK’s complicity and the training its police gave to those committing the atrocities.

The coalition supports the struggles of the farmers who continue to protest in India this year against unjust land reform and the Indian prime minister Narendra Modi’s actions. Resist G7 said:

The invitation of Modi to the G7 exemplifies that the G7 will not stand up to violent dictators, and will instead welcome them into their meetings with open arms. 

The coalition will also be standing in solidarity with Kurdistan, with the ecological and feminist revolution in Rojava and calls its supporters to “Boycott Turkey” in response to Turkish president Erdogan’s attacks on Kurdish communities both in Turkey and Syria.

On its anti war stance, Resist G7 said:

The global arms trade puts profits before lives. Conflicts across the world are fuelled by deals made by G7 countries. Rich arms dealers rub their hands while British-made bombs [are] used to kill innocent people today and we know that this country, and every country taking part in the G7, is responsible.

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Main image via Shoal Collective