Phoenix Media Co-op arrives in Cornwall to support Resist G7’s climate strike

Between 11 and 13 June, the 2021 G7 summit is taking place in Cornwall where leaders from the world’s richest countries will be meeting. Phoenix Media Co-op arrived this afternoon to take part in the rebellion against it.

We will be joining Resist G7, a coalition of campaigners protesting against the summit, who will be mobilising for a climate strike tomorrow. This will be an action to demand climate justice led by young people for the #FridaysForFuture campaign initiated by activist Greta Thunberg and it is returning to England for the first time since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic in 2020.

In a press release, Resist G7 said:

Together, we stand against the global capitalism and with all struggles against it in the Global South. We shout the names of the environmental protesters killed at the hands of corporations on the payroll of nation states, who seek to silence people protecting their land from illegal drilling, deforestation and the construction of pipelines.

The Resist G7 movement will focus on the indigenous communities who are gravely affected by the climate crisis. It says:

We support indigenous people all over the world in their fight against colonialism and imperialism. We seek not to enlighten or teach, but to learn from their struggles in order to work towards legitimate decolonisation of land, resources and ways of thinking, teaching and being.

A Cornwall-based charity, Counselling for Social Change, which has been offering free counselling to activists since 2012, is crowdfunding to raise money for G7 and Kill the Bill protesters. For those who wish to donate, visit

For more information on the G7 rebellion, stay tuned via our site and social media platforms. Our G7 coverage is supported by Het X-Y Actiefonds, an independent fund that supports social movements and action groups fighting for a just and sustainable world.

Main image via Harry Lawford @Flickr’s Creative Commons platform