Palestine Action occupies Runcorn factory with links to Israeli drone-maker

Palestine action campaigners on a roof in Runcorn

On 10 June, direct-action network Palestine Action “stormed, scaled, and occupied the Runcorn Factory of APPH, a Canadian-owned aerospace company, which manufactures military technology and landing gear for Elbit Systems’ drones”. Elbit Systems is Israel’s biggest private arms company.

The Israeli state’s latest attack on Gaza in May killed 253 people, including 66 children. Israeli human rights group B’Tselem said the apartheid regime had committed war crimes. And as Palestine Action has previously insisted:

Neither Israeli war crimes nor Elbit Systems operate in isolation – they rely on a global supply chain of manufacturing, shipping, marketing and, of course, landlords, to function effectively. Palestine Action intend to break this murderous supply chain to save Palestinian lives.

“Cease dealings with Elbit, or get shut down”

In a press release, Palestine Action said campaigners:

have broken into the factory to dismantle drone and aircraft machinery, have destroyed property including floodlights, ventilators, windows and cameras, have sprayed blood-red paint across premises, and are currently occupying the roof to prevent operations at the site.

It added:

Palestine Action will be targeting all firms which have dirtied their hands by partaking in Elbit’s business of bloodshed. … It should be clear by now that we will not rest until Elbit is shut down, making the choice clear for all complicit firms: cease dealings with Elbit, or get shut down along with them.

Main article image via VX Pictures