Hunger strike: Campaigner in prison over protest at firm linked to Grenfell/Palestine deaths

Palestine Action campaigner at Arconic, Birmingham

Direct-action network Palestine Action occupied an Arconic site in Birmingham on 14 June. This company makes the cladding linked to the Grenfell Tower disaster. It also makes materials for aircraft that the Israeli military uses against Palestinians.

Yogi Bear, one of the campaigners involved in Arconic’s occupation, is now in prison. They’ve been on hunger strike for a week, since their detention. And they’ll only stop the strike if authorities meet at least one of the following demands:

  1. Immediate release of Palestine Action prisoners.
  2. Lasalle Investment Management evict Elbit Systems from 77 Kingsway London.
  3. The British Government to release all correspondence and/or documents between the government or any arm of the state (Police Force, MOD, Border Force, or any other government department) and Elbit Systems or any of their subsidiaries.
  4. Elbit Systems to shut down UK operations.


Palestine Action said in a press release:

This brave activist, their partners in the Arconic occupation, and thousands of other activists are willing to put their bodies and liberties on the line in order to save Palestinian lives – and will continue until complicit companies are shut down and Palestinians are freed.

Yogi is “denying all food, risking their health in order to further protest ongoing UK complicity in crimes against humanity”.

The group explained:

The remand-in-prison of Yogi is likely due to prior conscientious acts, with police and courts becoming aware of the power which one committed person can wield over the forces of repression and global injustice.

It has asked Yogi’s supporters to email

Main article image via VX Pictures