Amazon workers demand justice in #MakeAmazonPay global day of action

Make Amazon Pay banner

On 26 May, workers and trade unions around the world led a day of action targeting corporate giant Amazon. The UNI Global Union and Progressive International co-convened this ‘Make Amazon Pay’ campaign.

The fight between the world we have and the world we deserve

While many millions of people lost their jobs during the Covid-19 pandemic, Amazon grew rapidly. The online retailer employed hundreds of thousands more workers, and as of December 2020 was the fifth largest employer in the world. It currently has around 1.3 million employees globally. CEO Jeff Bezos, meanwhile, made history in 2020 as the first person ever to surpass a net worth of $200bn. Yet conditions for Amazon workers remain highly controversial.

Speaking about Bezos’s refusal to cooperate with an official European investigation into Amazon’s treatment of its workers, UNI Global Union’s Christy Hoffman said:

Amazon had $44 billion in sales in Europe and paid no corporate taxes. The fact that they are failing to appear to answer questions from duly elected members of the European Parliament is a slap in the face to Europe and reflects Amazon’s general contempt for democracy

Regarding the Make Amazon Pay campaign, meanwhile, she stressed:

ultimately, making Amazon pay is part of a much bigger fight to win another world. One in which global commercial circuits are geared not towards the wealth and power of billionaires and shareholders, but towards the health and happiness of the hard-working people who run it.


The Make Amazon Pay campaign website insists that “Amazon workers everywhere face abuse and exploitation”. The company violates workers’ dignity and privacy, it alleges, and its worksites are “unsafe”. It adds that:

Garment factory workers from Bangladesh to Cambodia demand that Amazon respects their right to organize and pays them the millions in unpaid compensation they are owed.

It also says workers around the world are sick of the company’s “union-busting tactics”. 

Below are some videos, pictures and tweets in support of the #MakeAmazonPay campaign:

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