It’s G7 summit leaders who’ll cause huge disruption for Cornish communities, not protesters

Two people on a beach holding a banner that says "Resist G7" and "G7 = Environmental Destruction on a Global Scale"

Between 11 and 13 June, the UK will host the G7 global summit in Carbis Bay, Cornwall. Since the announcement of the venue, Resist G7 (RG7), a coalition of local, national, and international groups, has formed to “build resistance and positive alternatives to the G7”.

With the summit now only weeks away, local communities face massive disruption from road closures and a huge police presence. Police have insisted that they “cannot allow” protests to cause “sustained disruption to the wider communities of the South West”.  However, in a statement, RG7 has accused the G7, rather than protesters, of disrupting communities.

“We didn’t ask for the G7 to take place in Cornwall”

Over 6,500 police are expected in Cornwall in the coming weeks.

A spokesperson for RG7 stated:

It is clear the G7 summit will cause massive disruption for communities. The police are likely to try and blame most of this on protesters. But this couldn’t be further from the truth. Even if there wasn’t a single protest, the local community would be faced with utter chaos.

We didn’t ask for the G7 to take place in Cornwall and those of us who live here are angry about it being on our doorstep. We are the community and we are also part of the resistance.

Time and again the police are othering protesters. They want local people to believe that protesters are outsiders, coming to Cornwall to disrupt their lives. But in truth, many of those protesting live and work in Cornwall.

The coalition has already announced that it will be boycotting the police-allocated protest sites. It has called for three days of protest:

  •     Friday 11 June – climate day of action
  •     Saturday 12 June – internationalist day of action
  •     Sunday 13 June – repression and surveillance day of action, including a Kill The Bill Cornwall G7 special.


The spokesperson continued:

RG7 wants to build a world that works for everyone, not just for the benefit of the few. Our planet is on fire. The climate crisis is raging. We demand climate justice. We demand vaccine equality. We demand self-determination for the people of Kashmir, Kurdistan and Palestine and beyond.

We want to build a world that works for people and planet, not the world the G7 represents; the world that only benefits the 1%.

And the RG7 spokesperson added:

The G7 is taking place in Cornwall, one of the poorest places in Europe. The communities of Cornwall are disrupted daily by poverty. We are disrupted by rich second home owners treating Cornwall as a playground while price houses soar well beyond the reach of most local people. We are disrupted by a lack of infrastructure, by an expensive and unreliable privatised transport system. We are disrupted by millions being spent on vanity projects and new roads while our services have been slashed to the bone.

Local people are angry and we want our voices heard. We welcome protesters to Cornwall. Our voices will not be heard unless we take to the streets. It is the G7 that has disrupted us. Don’t blame protesters for this – put the blame where it really belongs – on the police, on the G7 itself and on the capitalist system that disrupts our lives on our daily basis.

Image used with permission