‘The three media outlets that most obstruct change in the UK’

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In a recent interview with media expert Justin Schlosberg, Phoenix Media Co-op asked ‘Which are the media outlets that you think most obstruct change in Britain?’ Schlosberg answered:

I would say a combination of the BBC, the Guardian, and the Times.

The BBC, because it’s the BBC. Because it has the biggest reach; it reaches across audiences. … It’s demonstrated its resistance to any kind of progressive, radical, social change – particularly in the last two years.

The Guardian, because it is the kind of token… liberal left national newspaper or broadsheet. And as such, it plays an instrumental role in defining the boundaries of acceptable debate and acceptable political discourse for the left.

And the Times, because it has such an enormous reach across those other media outlets. What goes on the front page of the Sunday Times is almost guaranteed to be a headline on the Andrew Marr Show, and then it cascades from there. … And the Times, I think, … (more than any of those… other two organisations) … really speaks on behalf of the British state – more than the BBC.

More about the interviewee

Schlosberg is a senior lecturer and assistant dean at Birkbeck College, University of London. He previously chaired the Media Reform Coalition and co-founded the Truth Defence anti-misinformation collective. He has also written and contributed to numerous books on the media, including 2019’s Bad News for Labour. Antisemitism, the Party and Public Belief.

We will be releasing further clips from his interview with Phoenix Media Co-op in the coming weeks.

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